Week of November 24th – Math Technologies

Exploring Resources

In this week’s session, we explored different types of math technologies. I will share a small collection of the resources we explored.

Graphing Stories: Graphingstories.com. This neat website is a resource that can be very valuable for teachers to get their students familiar with graphs. Students start with “stories” in video forms and have to try to plot the data on graphs. Students can decide the labels for their axis and then plot the points. Here is an example of our graph for “Height of Waist off the Ground” while watching a man on a swing.

Teachers can further extend this knowledge with reverse application and give the students graphs and have them attempt create a story.

Prodigy: https://www.prodigygame.com/. This website is Ontario-based math game for grade 1-8! Students battle against monsters, using math questions, to win coins and items. The game features customizable assessments and questions chosen by teachers to evaluate students. Teachers can choose from over 600 topics and view the students results in a highly organized way. Students can use several in game supports, including manipulatives and text-to-voice. Their profiles feature customizable avatars that use only first names of students to protect privacy. Parents are also invited to support their students learning.

Desmos Graphing Calculator: https://www.desmos.com/calculator. This online tool is sophisticated, but can be simplified by teachers to can explore mathematical language, ex. vertical and horizontal translations. Check it out!


Technology is a key part of 21st century learning and it would be foolish and naive to leave it out of mathematics. This session was a key part to my continued growth a math educator. Reviewing the tools available and learning how to apply them has helped me gain confidence towards teaching different concepts using technology.
When I was in high school, I loved using the graphing calculators to explore tables of value and equations. Now, the tools we have available to explore and inspire math creativity seem endless. We can practice our math we learned in class or take chances to create new things in a fast and fun way. I’m excited to enter the teaching field with the skills to find and critically evaluate tools to use for math. I also have been consistently highlighting different math resources and games throughout my blog series. This collection will be helpful as I move into the lesson planning and internship stage of my teaching block.
This first semester of math has been great for me. I started with a closed mind about math and my willingness to teach it. As we continued our sessions and I listened to ideas and collected resources, I became more confident. Now, I find some excitement in being trying out some of the activities and games in my teaching placement. In December we will be starting Data Management, so I hope to try incorporating Graphing Stories to get my students critically thinking about what graphs represent.
– A



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