New Content – Social Studies

In the next few month, I will be adding many posts with a social studies focus. This collection of posts about Social Studies (including history and geography) will be set in the Ontario context. This is the Ontario Social Studies, History & Geography curriculum for grades 1-8. I will be posting about discussions and resources accessed or created during my preservice education training. It will also highlight an integrated teaching approach. You will be able to find pieces of math, science, language art, dance, drama, and more.

There are so many levels of social studies.. because human society is so complex. As a future educator, the most important thing to me is to make social studies about inquiry and make social studies relevant to my students lives.

Often times, we think about subjects in school as stand alone subjects to study independently. I believe social studies is the perfect example of a subject that drives all subjects together. Many teachers use the inquiry model when teaching social studies because it creates relevance and interest. Math concepts such as perimeter and area become way more interesting when used for comparing geographical land masses as part of a project. (Compare land masses here!) Language concepts of persuasive writing moves from a traditional report to a courtroom drama defending the rights of indigenous school children. (This is an excellent resource for residential school information)

There are many more integrative ways to teach using social studies expectations as anchors to create relevance. This is exciting and I hope to find many more ways to do so! Please comment and share if you wish!

– A


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