Social Studies Unit Plan

Strand B of Social Studies for Grade 6 is People and Environments: Canada’s Interactions with the Global Community. For this unit, students will look at the big question, “How can international events, such as the Olympics, affect Canada’s relationship with the international community?”


Rio Olympic Logo: Source

This unit is an excellent opportunity for students to explore a CURRENT event – the Rio Olympics in 2016 – and all the issues that surround Canada’s participation as well as an opportunity for Canada to host it. Students will explore sport and international events through various important lenses including equity issues, environmental impacts, sustainability goals, financial implications, and more. There are multiple levels of significance for the student, the community and the world. Students will become informed citizens (especially important because the Olympics are a current topic) and will develop many transferable 21st century learning skills such as collaboration. They also will learn about their Canadian identities. This unit is also important to the community. Exposing our students to the importance of Canada’s relationships in the international community will empower them to be active and hold our government accountable for its actions through informed perspectives. This unit also emphasizes the student’s and Canada’s responsibilities to the World community. For example, as hosts, Canada needs to be responsible for its environmental impact. Also, the Foundations of the Olympics uphold human principles that aim to make the Olympics a universally safe space for all people to co-exist.

In the culminating task, students will be asked to use the components they developed during the unit to address the overall big question.

This process was long and required the collaboration of myself and two other pre-service educators. It is not a perfect project, but is an example of how far we have come with TLCP and the unit planning process. The third page has all of the instructional strategies and approaches we used in our lesson plans. It is quite extensive. This is included in my “Work Samples” page but I also put a link below. Have a look!

Grade 6 Social Studies TLCP“How can international events, such as the Olympics, affect Canada’s relationship with the international community?”

– A


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