Long Range Planning

This year has provided the opportunity to test out my long range planning skills. This past October, I attempted to create a detailed two month long range plan for a Grade 4 Health and Physical Education class.

The process of creating the long range plan involved cooperation with a few of my peers. Here are the steps we took in this process:

  1.  We broke up the Grade 4 Health and Phys. Ed. curriculum into easy to understand parts and parent/student friendly language.
  2.  We brainstormed a list of sports, low organization games and other physically active activities that would eventually for the basis of our units. (Example: soccer, basketball, dodgeball, four square, hiking, skating, swimming, yoga, dance, etc.)
  3. We created a mock yearly schedule and used the activities to spread out our units over the 10 months and create variety while being mindful of skill building over the year. (We did the same with the health expectations.)
  4. We separated on our own to complete our assigned units.

The following is an overview of my units and a small rationale. Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 12.12.35 PM.pngThe long range plans include:

  • Overall Expectations,
  • Specific Expectations,
  • Learning Goals,
  • Activities, and
  • Assessment (includes culminating tasks too!)

for each individual lesson over the two month period. It took a decent amount of time to put together and I truly hope it can be useful for myself in the future and other educators as well.

Here is the embedded version:

Please let me know if you have a quick glance, and any feedback is appreciated!