About Me

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My name is Andrew Morris and this is my teaching portfolio.

As a teacher candidate in Ontario, I have the opportunity to explore a well-researched curriculum and the abundance of tools, resources and strategies available to facilitate learning in and outside the classroom. This portfolio includes blog posts on the many subjects covered during my classes, as well as details of my work and volunteer experiences. You will find examples of my assignments and work as well.

My teaching philosophy is not fully developed. However, I have ideas I wish to share. I believe that the teacher’s job is one of the most important roles in an society. This job is complex and multidimensional which demands candidates willing to demonstrate great character. As a teacher I will not force my values nor opinions on my students, but explore a wide variety of beliefs and work towards inclusion and respect for all. This approach will look different for each grade, each class, and each community. My goal at the end of all my work is to leave my students empowered with the knowledge, tools and skills to feel competent and confident in our complex world.

Aside from teaching I love to play/watch sports (especially basketball), I am an avid traveller, and I love to take amateur photography with my phone! I also put a high emphasis on health enhancing behaviours and fitness motivation in everything that I do! Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy life!

Please reach out to me by email or by Twitter!

– A



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